My name is Charlotte, sometimes known as Ms Lottie, occasionally as The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady. This is my blog, where you'll find me writing a lot about my quilting and textile arts and a little about my family's life in a small seaside town in New Zealand. Haere mai!

About Me

My name is Charlotte Scott, sometimes known as Ms Lottie.  I'm a New Zealander, born and bred, and I currently live in the Bay of Islands, which is a beautiful spot close to the top of the North Island.

My family (husband and two kids and assorted pets) live on an old wooden 65 ft boat called MV Cerego.  As far as we know, she was built in 1945 for the Australian Navy and intended as a minesweeper.  She is berthed in the Bay of Islands but we also take her out for weekend excursions and there are some longer trips planned for our future.

I am a quilter.  I say quilter rather than textile artist, because I make both traditional quilts AND textile art.  My textile art is always based around the quilt format with plenty of reference to traditional quilting skills, so it seems right to call myself a quilter rather than anything else.

I have a passion for dyeing my own fabrics, it's the unique colours I can achieve that I'm excited about.  I love to use organza for it's depth and layering capabilities, but traditional cotton features heavily plus some linen and silk for good measure.  My Bernina 440 sewing machine is my best friend so most of my construction and quilting is done by machine.

My art quilts reference the natural world around me.  Sea, sky and earth are what moves me and I am heavily influenced by birds.  I didn't even realise that birds feature in almost all my quilts until a mentor pointed it out to me.  This prompted me to give it some thought and here's what I came up with.

Birds are New Zealand's animals.  We have two species of bat as our only land mammals, we have some reptiles - geckos, frogs and a special lizard called a Tuatara - and then we have birds.  Unique, vibrant, endangered, beautiful birds.  They are familiar, we see them frequently.  I can look out the window and always see a couple of different species.  Yet they also have secrets - birds that are only a quick movement in a bush seen from the corner of your eye, birds that only come out at night and might be heard but never seen.  And of course, birds can fly!  How evocative is that?

My quilts have been exhibited and published in New Zealand and around the world.  Most recently, my quilt 'Summer Dragonfly' was curated as part of the Living Colour! travelling textile art exhibition.

I design patterns for quilts, wallhangings and quilted items and have had work published in Down Under Quilts, Embellish and Homespun magazines.

I'm a freelance writer and you can find my articles about quilting, art and design on Aotearoa Quilters website and here on my blog.

Teaching also makes up part of my quilting life.  I get immense satisfaction in sparking enthusiasm and creativity in people.  You can visit my 'learn with me' page to see more about the classes I teach.

You can also tune in to my podcast where I share news views and interviews with quilters, textile artists and industry professionals.

I hope you enjoy what I share on this blog.  Please drop me an email at: 

theslightlymadquiltlady at gmail dot com 

if you have any questions would like to know more about something.